GOD Bless you.




My prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit can work with you, to bring blessing to your life, through HSU-PREPAREDNESS PEACE class, FREE online. I can personally testify that leading and participating in HSU classes has greatly enriched my life of faith, as well as many others from all over the world who have shared this experience.


Not only do we cover practical points of preparedness, but we also do spontaneous internal guidance on why and therefore. The text we study is full of Biblical guidance, questionnaires, checklists, product lists and other helpful graphics, illustrations and pictures.


Plenty of time for Q&A and open discussion.


As an added BONUS, after the typical 10-week semester, there are additional weeks on these subjects:

- PREPAREDNESS in review

- The CIG KINGDOM Culture

- The Secret Life of Jesus
- The Nature of the Enemy— the devil

- THEY— the Ubiquitous THEY— present all throughout history

- The Solutions are simple, not easy


Days and times are as follows:

TUESDAY 12:00 pm EST-NYC for those in the HSU-PP RUSSIA class.

WEDNESDAY 8:00 pm EST-NYC for those in the HSU-PP ENGLISH class.

SATURDAY 7:30 am EST- for those in the HSU-PP JAPANESE class.


Sign up by email. Every week at the appointed time you'll receive an email with a unique ZOOM link. BETTER than Skype. Nothing to download; no programming or apps to buy.


If you are registered for a class and from a different country, please adjust for your time zone. For instance, some from Japan have taken the English class @ 9am Japan time. Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, and others, have all successfully taken the English class. Help is available if needed.


If for any reason you need to miss a class, no worries. See you the NEXT week.

I can be easily reached by email:
preparednesspeace1@gmail.com and usually respond by the end of the day or next day. We can talk any time, via my private Zoom account.


Prayers & Blessings,