Sep. 14, 2016








PREPAREDNESS is having the right tool(s) for the job; having what you need, BEFORE the need arises; having the skills and know-how through practice.

PEACE comes from knowing that no matter what happens in life, you have the understanding to handle it!

In the ancient Hebrew teachings, Messhiach is peace; in modern day Christianity it is the Messiah; Sanctuary teaches us a real, skin touch experience from a living, breathing, active relationship with GOD, Christ, Family & Community.

As you pass through the doors of our Sanctuary Church, you are greeted by a beautiful billboard sized picture of the 10 Commandments & the Bill of Rights. This is the basis of our teaching and our work.

Freedom Society is a part of Sanctuary Community that is heavy on the Bill of Rights as enumerated in the New Constitution of CIG, unalienable rights from GOD at our birth. Exercising our rights, our love for GOD, Family & Community, and our daily practice of what we learn from all this, makes us wholesome, well-balanced people who actually have sovreignty wherever we may be. An inheritance our children will learn to appreciate naturally.

PREPAREDNESS PEACE by Kynada L. Boland with Scott MacTiernan, is the basis of my work in helping families prepare for whatever they may face: stormy weather or stormy life. Natural disasters or man-made emergencies.

Come, join the thousands of families worldwide, who have their own peace of mind in knowing Christ and the practical skills to thrive in hardship and the personal Sovreignty as a result.

"GOD Bless you, Godspeed, and may HIS Kingdom come!" -Matthew 6:9-13