I'm truly grateful that YOU are here! Thank you for your interest in PREPAREDNESS PEACE.


In this day and age, we are ALL extremely busy. So much that we often overlook planning until the last minute. Unfortunately, emergencies usually happen without warning. Therefore, our reaction defaults to our level of “preparedness.” The better prepared we are, the better our response to the situation. Preparedness comes with requirements, which you will learn all throughout the semester.

Our online classes started in 2014, with each class getting better. In fact, some people are taking this class more than once, it’s that good! Several BIG additions to our curriculum are being developed for addition soon, so keep this site under close observation.

So, PLEASE, feel free to bring your family, friends, neighbors, anyone you meet during your day! They all will be very grateful to you, some day.


My preparedness comes from real life lessons and formal training as an Executive Protection Agent, Private Aviation Security Officer, Armed Response Escort, Certified First Responder, NRA Certified Rangemaster/ Gun Safety Instructor.

Prior to this career, since the 1970’s I worked as a Photojournalist/ founding member of the conservative group of newspapers The Washington Times, News World Communications, UPI, Noticias del Mundo, Segye Ilbo of Korea, Sekai Nippo of Japan. Meaning, I know how to research, vet information & corroborate sources of intel

I have been a public speaker, presenter, and educator for 30+ years. Further qualification & certification details on all the above are available.


Besides an open mind and willing heart, you will need a personal 3-ring binder for all your notes, documents, downloads, emails, etc. Emails are sent out at least once every week to keep you all up to date with the latest information. LOTS OF FREE STUFF! In fact you get a FREE PDF version of the outline we use, just for showing up.

Our meetings begin with an email invitation to join us on Zoom, just by clicking the link about 20-30 minutes before class starts each week. Nothing to buy or download (it's a secured, personal account I've been using for years). It works on anything with internet access: phone, pad, PC, laptop, etc.

Please shoot me a quick email to let me know when you can make it, so I can send you a link for a scheduled Zoom call.

Classes are by appointment, at a day & time of your choice.